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Generation II Installation & Technical Guide

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Generation II Installation Guide (PDF 13Mb)



 Download PPG Paint System Guarantee (PDF)

 Download PPG 10 Year Warranty for Full Paint System Application (PDF)

 Download PPG KLC Endorsement (PDF)

 Top Coats and
 Light Reflectance Values (LRV)

 Download Top Coats and LRV recommendations (PDF)

 Download Top Coat your KLC product (PDF)

 Download Dulux Colours LRV (PDF)

 Download Resene Colours LRV (XLS)

 Resin Bleed

 Download Resin Bleed (PDF)


 Henkel Loctite Purebond®

 Download Purbond Formaldehyd Free Certificate (PDF)

 Download Purbond Statement of Durability (PDF)


 Download MicroPro® Timber Treatment

 Download MicroPro® 50 year Treatment Warranty

 Download Assure Quality Treatment Programme

 Download Treatment Process Comparison

 Download Site Storage leaflet (PDF) 


 Download Codemark Cerificate (PDF)

Manufacturing Certifications

 Download Chain of Custody FSC® with KLC Limited (PDF)